How To Make Cards On Microsoft Word

With the overall economy is sinking faster than the Titanic there are times when you have to find different ways of saving a few dollars. 5.00 or more for specialized credit cards; why not save a few dollars and use Microsoft Word to create a Thank You card. You shall be amazed how easy it could be.

This method is for Microsoft Word 2007 – the method will be similar for Microsoft Word 2003 therefore I am looking for a ‘Thank you for your hard work’ kind of card. Step 2 2 – choosing a template. There are hundreds of templates on Microsoft Phrase and locating the one you wish can be difficult often. In the search box enter ‘Thank You’ and press the search button – this looks like an arrow pointing right.

You can click once on one of these web templates for a short outline; once you have chosen the right template for you, select download. I find the ‘Photo Greeting Card – tree design’ – after downloading I am offering the template ready to customize. Step 3 3 – customizing the template. A number of the themes available in Microsoft Word do not require any customization, you can simply print them and send them.

However, the majority of the templates will require some ongoing work to get the final card ready. Left click on the picture – this will put in a ‘Picture’ reference box and some ‘circles and squares’ on the edge of the picture. Using the menus click on the ‘Insert’ tab. Browse to the picture you want to put – you are presented with the format menu for pictures and can transform the color, contrast, and brightness if you want.

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Once you are happy with the picture, go through the credit card anywhere. ‘ and added a personal Note. The be aware I published was bigger than the text box provided, therefore I used the square containers privately of the text box to broaden the box so it fitted nicely in the cards. At this true point you can place anything else as you wish, but for this demo I am happy.

The finished design is lovely and gets right to the point. Step 4 4 – printing. Printing is simple, the hard part is choosing what paper to use. When you have a decent color printer you will be able to printing in color on the card and therefore have a pretty decent credit card.