Elf 18 Hit Wonders Eyeshadow Palette (review + Swatches) 1

Elf 18 Hit Wonders Eyeshadow Palette (review + Swatches)

Colour, colour, colour. It’s all I could think about these days. Though my go-to eyeshadow tones have a tendency to be warm neutrals, I am positively changing that. Partly for creativity sake and partly to ensure that what “makeup rut” never again enter my vocabulary. On my search to are more indulgent with colorful makeup looks, I found an eyeshadow palette from elf. The elf 18-Strike Wonders eyeshadow palette caught my attention because of this middle row of shadows largely. Green, blue, and yellow, oh my!

I simply experienced to know the way they performed. With my last elf purchase is truly a not-so-great experience (in the event you skipped that post, take a look here), I had fashioned no real notion of what things to expect with this palette. Would it be good? Regardless of the uncertainty, I had been eager to try this palette and find out for myself.

There are of course, eighteen shades here and which includes a multitude of colors. On the top row there is: Supreme (a purple-toned brown), Vibrant (silver), Moss (shimmery moss green), Peachy (soft peach), Quartz (shimmery pink), and Pave (champagne). The center row is easily the brightest and it offers: Velvet (deep purple), Electric (bright blue), Evergreen (lively green), Solar (yellow), Heat (shimmery orange), and Cindy (orange-pink).

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To finish everything off, the bottom row includes: Royal (purple-blue), Shade (gray), Element (peach), Summer (deeper peach), Penny (copper), and Danger (warm metallic). Variety is a huge part of the eyeshadow palette certainly. Yes, this set contains a multitude of colors (from neutrals to bold rainbow shades) but it doesn’t end there. This elf palette offers variety in conditions of finishes also. You can find shimmery shades, mattes, and even pearl shadows. Are the swatches Here, row by row, to get a much better feel for the palette. I believe not. That being said, there are some pretty stellar tones found in here.

Many of the shimmery shadows fare better as they are boldly pigmented, have lots of glimmer, and stand out among the others. A number of the matte tones are good (though have to be developed), like the rainbow colors ones in that entry row. There are the not fabulous shadows Then, like Supreme and all the peach-toned colors. They may be patchy, dry in texture, and don’t mix well.

While there are certainly good eyeshadows in here, the inconsistency of the entire palette is a letdown. Since color is at the forefront of my brain, I wanted to create a makeup look that was bold and bright. To take action, I tried to use shades from the palette that I’d normally steer clear from. I’ve mixed feelings about this product from elf. There are some wonderful eyeshadows and there are some that are just ordinary worthless then. This palette is made by That inconsistency less of a hit and more of a miss. That being said, I still plan to utilize it and incorporate lots of color into my makeup looks this spring and summer. Have this palette was attempted by you? Are you a fan of elf products?