Elegance And Beauty 1

Elegance And Beauty

Knowing that several lipcolours is all I need is actually making me giddy and happy! I’ve decided to go through my makeup case again and de-clutter it (yet again). I determined that for the over-all function, MAC’s Chili is much better than a night lip color than So Chaud for some occasions.

Chili is more of a classic evening look a So Chaud is more evening ‘glam’ – I’m keeping all three in my makeup case but have decided to post two photos of a complete day or evening makeup look. Chili is a very sophisticated/elegant color for the evening because it has a spicy depth.

  • Mix into the favourite foundation to add shine and enhance tonality
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So Chaud is more of a brighter orange red, while Chili can be an orange-brownish red. My goal this season is to essentially make my makeup and style practical – make it personal and unique to me. This yr is approximately simplifying my life, decluttering what fails and thus, making room for what ‘does’ work – these two lipsticks haven’t steered me incorrect and appearance great with my entire wardrobe. What will I instead do? Start focusing on style, fashion, creating a functional and simple wardrobe that is true to my best color palette! If you have any blog requests for me also – I’d love to hear!

And it doesn’t help that our weather is so humid it actually takes a little longer than in drier cooler climates. I apply my base and concealer usually, then move on to brows and eye makeup before I reach for the setting powder. This not only gives your foundation time to set a bit more (it’ll last better and look less care cos less powder will cling to it later), it does mean it’s not be sliding and shifting so much.

Think of nail Polish. Sometimes the surface has set however the bottom hasn’t so it will smear and change if you apply pressure to it too early. Same with many foundations, people that have a heavier coverage especially. And whether it’s Uber warm and you don’t have air-conditioning to prevent your skin from sweating, don’t powder yet.

Wait until you are in the car/bus/teach where it is cooler and you’ve ceased sweating. Lightly press dry tissue on that person to blot any extra wetness before you natural powder. Nothing good ever comes out of powdering clammy, sweaty skin. Lastly, less powder is more. ESPECIALLY here where we go from hot to cold and back to hot once we travel to and from air-conditioned environments. We prefer to think there is a magic powder or base that will remain flawless directly after we sweat and get oily but – I haven’t found that magic product yet.

Everything creases fades and smears to different extents and the lighter your base is (and the less natural powder you use), the less apparent it is when the fading creasing and smearing happen. Heavily-powdered base is “inflexible” as soon as it creases and cracks or shifts and looks patchy, it’s very hard to repair and erase.

This is particularly true for drier skin areas and around expression lines. Easier to get a longer basis and a light natural powder than a regular foundation and heavy matte stage-makeup natural powder to make it last. Oh, it’ll last much longer. But it won’t look good close-up, and who wants long-lasting ugly coverage?

Lastly, use a very soft brush and very gently pat your clean over your skin to press a minimal amount of powder in. The main point is to lock it down, not to mix it up. In case your foundation fits your skin properly and doesn’t get care you can buff all you have to.