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Summary This paper investigates how public and environmental NGOs use the news headlines media to create changes in the procedures and associated accountabilities of multinational companies operating in, or sourcing products from, a developing country. In this research, we explicitly seek the views of older officers from global and local NGOs operating in Bangladesh, as well as the views of journalists from major local and global press organizations.

Our results show that sociable and environmental NGOs strategically use the news headlines media to effect change in the operating and disclosure guidelines pertaining to commercial labor procedures. More particularly, both NGOs and the news media representatives mentioned that NGOs would be relatively powerless to make change without media coverage.

Our results also show that the mass media plan has been responsible for creating improvements in working condition within Bangladesh, but further improvements are essential. This is the first known research to specifically address the joint role of NGOs and the news headlines media in creating changes in the sociable and environmental operating and disclosure methods of organizations working in developing countries.

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They take time to validate others in the communication process. Whenever a supervisor shows a high level of self-confidence but has a low degree of competence, subordinates find it hard to follow them. The supervisor comes off as sticky, arrogant, and know-it-all, but everyone around see your face knows they aren’t good. Unfortunately, the only person who doesn’t know it is the supervisor, which amplifies their incompetence.

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