Life After Money

Scroll down for an upgrade to the post. Morning Hello and Good. It’s chucking it down with rain here in North Lincolnshire, at the moment. I’ve had a question or two from Devon Lass, many thanks for that, it gives me something to write about, ha ha. Day of meals is perfect for you please Would you say what the average.

Do you not eat sweets, chocolate or puddings at all? You are known by me eat rice pudding, think about bread? I plan to copy you if that’s ok, I live alone, and do not eat a well balanced diet now the children have gone home. I cannot be bothered to prepare for just one.

Cooking for one is much simpler than planning food for a family group. Stating the obvious, you can eat whatever you like once you like, and in the quantities that you think is right for you. Though beware, the temptation to stuff ones face when nobody is looking is ever present, therefore some restraint is essential to maintain a healthy body. I could only discuss my diet from the idea of view that I do not have any food intolerances and I am not allergic to anything.

I am no expert on nutrition, and I do not advocate any weight loss diets. DL, it’s easy to get into the way of thinking of convenience food, convinced that it’s too frustrating to cook for one, but really it isn’t that difficult. It is also easy to stick to the same old same old, day day after, bad.

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To start simple easy cooking It is advisable to just forget about all the original foods you were brought up on, the meats and two veg, the breakfast fry ups, the chips and fish, the burger or sausage and potato chips. By all means eat them, but only in a while once. The rest of the days you need to make up your own new recipes. I wait to say the indicated phrase formulas, because I don’t follow any on paper recipes, my meals are made of whatever I have in. You need to tap into your creativeness, with only yourself to think about you can eat whatever you like. Chuck your recipe books out, invent, invent, invent.

So, back to the questions, one at a time. What is an average day of meals. I start the day with a mug of coffee, I sit and relax with it for 20 minutes. My breakfast follows. I never skip breakfast because I know I will start to feel wobbly in an full hour.