3 Mistakes Fitness Center Owners Make And HOW EXACTLY TO Fix Them 1

3 Mistakes Fitness Center Owners Make And HOW EXACTLY TO Fix Them

There are easier businesses to achieve than the fitness industry. In fact, relating to Martin Rooney’s research, 80% of gyms walk out business in their first five years and 16 out of 17 are out of business in 8 years! They are not encouraging statistics. As you can imagine, there are a great number of errors gym owners make in their businesses. I’ve gone to a lot of small gyms.

Kettlebell gyms, Olympic lifting gyms, big box, small container – a variety of places. It’s worthy of noting that some are doing well. They have found a good little specific niche market and are making money. So, if you’re considering opening a fitness center or if you’re fighting your own business, I’d prefer to provide some of my understanding with this post.

Because there are many clients out there. So that as fitness specialists we need all hands on deck to fight the weight problems epidemic. The more gyms that are open the better. And the more gyms out there that are both open up and earning money, the better the chances are that the owner and the staff will be happy.

Happy staff compatible well-trained clients. I’ve discovered that a lot of fitness center owners are being baptized in small companies with their fitness center. Quite simply, they haven’t had any experience in running a business prior to opening their gym. And that makes learning the ropes similar to taking in from a fireplace hydrant. Put Simply, owners shouldn’t be spending almost all their time training.

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If you’re spending all of your time on to the floor then you are but guaranteeing you won’t entice new associates. Sure, you’re well-trained clients may send one or two of their friends, but so how exactly does that network really go far? The short list above is mandatory in my opinion.

All fitness center owners need to be tugging these levers. Why aren’t more owners thinking this real way? Many times, it’s because the owner just doesn’t understand marketing or doesn’t care to. They neglect to recognize that everyone – you, me, your neighbor, of your job – we all have been in sales irrespective. We brand ourselves and promote our own image, of what we do for a living irrespective. Remember, you can spend 10 hours each day in your gym keeping the doors open and training, but if you’re not attracting new members, you’re actually just working 60 hours a week hoping clients will find you. For instance, perhaps you have ever said something similar to this to one of your members?

“What do you suggest you don’t want to accomplish a complete depth squat with reduced lumbar rounding! A lot of us fitness geeks are all about proper vertebral position during squat patterns, but the person with average skills? Ya, not so much. They just want to squat and put more weight on the pub.

And so this is the second of three quite typical mistakes gym owners make. So as a fitness center owner, you will need to realize this. Let’s say that you think TRX is the best answer to a fitness problem. Don’t build a fitness center around TRX so much as create a gym around the actual TRX audience is usually going for – weight loss. So build your group training around TRX, but market towards the weight loss crowd. It’s an easier sell than balance and proprioception.