What’s Deductible Or Not? 1

What’s Deductible Or Not?

What’s Deductible & What’re not … for Property Investors? Below is a summary of items that you can claim as a deduction against rental income because of this year. Further below is a list of items which are not deductible, usually questioned by the ATO or deductible over quite a few years. I trust this will help you compile your information and make it easier to prepare your tax return and improve your decisions regarding managing your rental properties.

Are you relying on Negative Gearing? Land tax – first-time owners must lodge an initial land tax comes back with any office of State Revenue in each state – You must initiate this. They will not chase you up however they will charge additional interest for late lodgement. ATO is particularly vigilant to catch individuals who are claiming expenses described as repairs when they are considered to be improvements.

Example – fixing broken glass on the window is considered a repair. Repairs made soon after the purchase of the investment property or maintenance to make the property suitable for rental are believed to be of a capital character – part of the cost of the house and can be depreciated. They aren’t deductible as ATO considers the low price of the house reflects its condition of disrepair.

Interest & loan a/c fees on loans to finance investment properties. Where loans used for both investment property and private assets, the interest needs to be apportioned based on how much of the main was used for which purpose. This happens when people are utilizing a Line of Credit facility usually.

Borrowing Expenses – deductible over the time of the loan where the loan is less than five years. Otherwise deductible over five years. Particularly relevant where in fact the property is used as your personal holiday accommodation. With today’s technology, it is simple to fully capture and store most of your information electronically.

So, be sure you have either traditional style paper or digital images of most receipts and invoices. It makes evaluating the information and processing the return so much easier taking less time. In the event of an ATO audit having the right documents facilitates the procedure to a faster conclusion.

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Managing the accountant’s fees to cope with ATO on your behalf, in case of an ATO audit, can be managed with tax deductible Audit Insurance provided by the taxes agent. Rising property values over the last year or two has provided many people with opportunities to leave or restructure their house positions.

Two minds are much better than 1? Your asset protection strategy. What is your risk profile? Structuring your next investment property. In whose true name, should it be? Tax planning should ideally form part of your overall financial planning, as it may well impact on your current financial situation. As we aren’t licensed to provide investment advice, we have created alliances with licensed Financial Planners and Advisers as yet another service to clients. They add an important dimension to tax planning.

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