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Sara Verona Beauty

Hourglass browser well worth the hype? I’ll probably go back for more), I decided to get one of the newest products out, the Hourglass Ambient Bronzer in the shade Luminous Bronze Light. 50 broader values the money? Or is whatever you already have in your makeup stash good enough? First of all, I have to say Hourglass does an incredible job with all of their products. I am a huge lover of theirs and I’ve their ambient light palette, blush palette, veil primer, film noir mascara, and this browser now. Their packaging is super luxurious and definitely worth more than other brands.

The thing I really like about their ambient lighting collection is the sheer but beautiful shine that the products give. The palettes and the browser have the ability to make your skin look BETTER rather than appear to be you have a blob of blush or focus on your face. This ambient bronzer is a warm light bronze with rings of darker bronze in a marble pattern.

This browser has shimmer. The inside package states that you can use this for a shine or you can use to contour but this is certainly not just a natural contour powder. From the warmth to the shimmer, this is the exact product everyone in the makeup world says Never to contour with. I used my MAC 129 clean with this product and I have to say it continues on very clean and provides a subtle glow without chunks of glitter.

There is no patchiness here, which is exactly what I would expect from Hourglass. The product packaging is a beautiful gold metal like end with a good reflection and a sturdy feel. It wears all day long and doesn’t break up and really pairs well with foundation. I hate streaky browsers that can’t play nice with your base or blush and then it just all eventually ends up looking like a huge clutter.

Overall, if you are a makeup JUNKIE/HOARDER, what may I say? You need this. It appears great on reasonable skin and the shine it gives rocks!. If you’re on a budget and have other browsers that give warmth and a nice sheen, I’d skip the product. 50, you could get a whole contour package with multiple bronze type shades that do not have shimmer if that’s not your thing. If you will be the hoarder-type, go browse the browser an on Sephora’s website! For the next few days you can get right up to 15% off if you are a VIB or VIB Rouge!

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