How Media Companies Should Create Value: Innovation Centered Business Models And Dynamic Capabilities

Globalization, deregulation, technological innovation and the convergence of beforehand separated industries such as media, leisure, data, and shopper electronics industries, have changed the media landscape into a turbulent surroundings. As a consequence of these developments, many media companies are experiencing extreme challenges, as content material proliferates, audiences change behaviors, advertising revenue erodes, and new rivals emerge.

Media firms working on this rapidly changing environment should make adequate adaptations to those quick transferring modifications and respond shortly to create or to sustain their competitive advantage. Creating social, ecological and monetary values for stakeholders is the key to lengthy-time period survival. This requires new ideas, new concept and new managerial approaches.

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Two important questions that arise are what kind of business model do they should create multiple values, and how ought to the company remodel its old enterprise model into a brand new mannequin. On this chapter, we are going to try to contribute to the creation of multiple values by media corporations. In the subsequent part, we current the primary traits of the previous and the new business models for the media companies. In the next section, we’ll talk about the principle corporate social duty (CSR) challenges that media firms face when they become a community group. The closing part presents some conclusions that can be drawn from this contribution.

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