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In This Survey

This is the first nationwide survey to evaluate the degree to which UK midwives are implementing evidence based management of birth-related perinatal stress. Issues have been discovered with implications for the education and ongoing training of midwives to promote their skills and competencies to guarantee the implementation of proof associated with reduced maternal morbidity. Our inclusion criteria were that midwives were presently in medical practice and expected to undertake perineal evaluation and repair within their scientific role.

Most midwives reported that they undertook assessment and repair of perineal injury and around half were also supervising others to correct trauma. Despite this, around a third of midwives had not performed any perineal repairs within the half a year prior to completing the questionnaire, and of these who had fixed trauma, most got only performed between someone to four repairs. On this survey, midwives experienced for longer and those on higher rings (ie the greater senior medical midwives) were well informed in controlling perinatal stress.

These midwives may have completed their midwifery training and/or been in practice when there is more focus on scientific management of the perineum due to use of regular episiotomy. The change in regular practice may have led to a distance in the amount of connection with ‘hands on’ perineal management midwives can achieve.

However students are no more required to perform a particular variety of episiotomies throughout their training, with anecdotal proof that some students haven’t any experience of executing episiotomy on qualifying. Furthermore, maybe it’s postulated that they lack confidence in conditions of skills and competencies to aid perineal care due to workload pressures and high obstetric intervention rates precluding learning from mentors used. Around fifty percent of the midwives (299 (49.3%, 95% CI 45.2-53.3%)) preferred the “hands-off” method, with less experienced midwives much more likely to prefer this process (72% vs.

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