They Call Me Mel 1

They Call Me Mel

While ordinary people here saw Shave-Ice and had to buy some! Carly graduated preschool and was treated just like a rock celebrity. Todd and I celebrated 15 years, he surely got to eat some lobster. Abi graduated from Kindergarten also. We babysat a bearded dragon, we were sad when the partnership was severed. A vacation was used by me to New Mexico, when grandma Smith passed on. Carly took some scissors to her hair, now bangs are here to stay!

The school is started up again, here’s Connor looking sticky. Abi begged to take an apple to her First Grade instructor. Carly couldn’t wait for new friends to access meet her! While Connor wished discrete the sorcerer inside. Our darling ballerinas had their initial dance recital. Dakota transferred up from nursery to something a lot more vital (sunbeams). Grandpa Smith sold his home and moved on to Murray up. Dakota wants to nap never but falls asleep in places that have me worried. The girls would like to cheer. Overall, I’d like to say, it has been a fairly great season! Cute rhymes aside, I can’t rest because I have already been battling a ridiculous flu bug.

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I took a couple of Tylenol PMs a couple of hours ago, however they seem to be having the opposite influence on me. We got so lots of vacations to the farm in 2013, and every time we went, we had the perfect time. Just, what a gift to have a place to get away to like that. Multiple times we transpired with extended family and a few other times we got different ward members. I must write this down before I forget a funny instant out of this afternoon! Abi came into the laundry/build area as I had been making cards down. In August I give up working at Sylvan.

The hours that they needed me to work no longer meshed with the hours that I would have to be a mom, so the decision was made by me that seemed best for us. Thankfully Chris was willing to take me on at Leatherby’s. That didn’t last long though, as I wasn’t prepared for the past-due nights and long hours on my for doing such overly busy work.

It requires a very special person to have the ability to keep up with all of that. Grandma Smith passing was a bitter-sweet trip. I used to be grateful on her behalf to be past her physical pain and it was nice to have a street trip and escape the daily chores from home for a while. I had been so excited when Angie lined up an opportunity for me to fly out to Denver and stick with them while doing a design job for herself and a gal in their ward. I cherished being able to put my creative skills to work and see some project come to a conclusion. This afternoon, Carly experienced a handbag of CornNuts.

I asked her if she could reveal a few with me. She happily put a few in my hands and I popped them into my mouth area. She then said, “Here, mom, involve some more. Those dirty were.” “Dirty?” I asked. Please, come downstairs and start lots of your laundry. Me: Where is Connor?