Senior Front End/Mobile Developer At 2ULaundry In Charlotte

Come join the latest startup in Charlotte! We’re looking for Senior Front-End / Mobile Developers for our Charlotte, NC team to design and apply solutions for a range of business and consumer facing problems. The opportunity is provided by This position to build new solutions from scratch, as part of an agile team.

The agile team has a higher degree of autonomy and no external dependencies, allowing these to innovate and apply the systems they see fit openly. Provide consumer experience knowledge and technical leadership for the rest of the united team. Have buy-in on all you build. You will help steer the roadmap and serve as a stakeholder at every step during the course of product development. What It’s Prefer to Work hire passionate people who like a fast-paced HereWe, goal-oriented environment.

As an organization we are in a marathon sprint to end up being the first nationally-recognized brand in laundry and dry cleaning. Everything we do facilitates that mission so that as the technology arm of the business we are the key to scaling our already-proven formula to as many cities as possible. Our development process is based on a meaningful street map that ties directly to our company’s objective and is executed via the agile process to generate incremental improvement.

There is no time to micromanage here. We look for self-starters who are able to deal with themselves while interacting effectively with the rest of their team to be able going to deadlines. We need folks who are comfortable taking credit for his or her failures as much as their successes and are honest and genuine in being accountable for their work. Those who meet this high club will be granted a higher amount of autonomy and versatility in undertaking their work. Inside our workplace nothing is sacred (except our time), and questioning the position quo is urged and rewarded even.

In addition, students must submit all required credentials by published application deadlines for the scheduled program of program. Students must maintain good academic standing (3.0 grade-point average) for transfer consideration. The application charge is waived for students applying for readmission who was simply registered as a degree candidate during last enrollment at the University and have not since signed up at another college or university or college.

All students must complete the prescribed minimum amount of credits of graduate coursework. A transcript and description of the coursework must be on file before the petition can be considered. Should transfer credit be granted, the credit for a course shall count however, not the grade. MBA students might register for no more than 18 credits each semester.

All work for a master’s degree must be completed within five years. Students who expect to continue studies for a doctoral level after getting the master’s degree should seek advice from with the advisor to plan their program of study. Degree applicants from other colleges of the University cannot sign up for more than a total 12 credits in GWSB courses. A graduate college student who’s not on educational probation or suspension for poor scholarship or grant is considered to maintain good position. The University’s general scholarship or grant requirements, including information on levels and computing the grade-point average, show up under University Regulations in this Bulletin. The very least grade-point average of 3.0 must be is and taken care of required for award of a graduate level.

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All graduate programs and undergraduate classes taken for graduate credit after matriculation as a qualification candidate (except those audited or taken for the grade of CR) will be utilized in the computation of the grade-point average. Students whose GPA falls below 3.0 at any point after completing 9 credits are positioned on academic probation.

1. Must achieve at least a 3.0 (term) GPA in each subsequent semester. 2. Must be continuously enrolled or on an approved Leave of Absence or Continuous Enrollment. 3. Should never receive a quality of F (Failure) in any course. 4. Should never receive the designation Incomplete (I) in virtually any course. A student who does not meet up with the above four conditions will be suspended using their program. A students may request reinstatement from a suspension by completing and submitting the Request for Reinstatement form with their academic advisor.