Of The Year Vault-Before The End 1

Of The Year Vault-Before The End

You’ve seen a few of the changes visibly like the change to our name from Paragon Advisors, LLC to Paragon Financial Advisors. Along with this name change we’ve introduced a new logo, stationary and signage at our building. Our quarterly publication was added in 2012 so that you can hear from each one of the principals on a regular basis. The newsletter is one way to share information about tendencies in the currency markets, the overall economy and the financial planning area. We will continue to work with the newsletter to make sure it is relevant to conditions that impact you.

While there have been significant changes visibly, we also wished to make you alert to other great improvements we are making behind the moments. Review process-As part of our succession planning attempts we include two advisors when possible in every client review meetings. Through the span of a year, specific subject matter will be covered during each review conference in addition to periodic discussions about investments and the markets.

Changing this technique allows us to continuously keep your financial planning matters up to date as best as it can be. Paperless filing-Files are kept supported and paperless up offsite to ensure safety of information and smooth office management. Because the operational system is web based, we can access files to keep working despite our geographic location allowing us to care for urgent matters even if we are out of the office on business during the work week.

Disaster recovery-We continue to work on internal processes to improve our ability to operate should a disaster occur. Our goal is to keep up the capability to talk to you and operate normally when our physical office is affected. Technology increases our capability to meet this goal through web based services, and backups of our server information to offsite facilities.

Website-The next step in our development is our new website. The team at Paragon has been working to be sure the new website will be helpful for both current clients and potential customers. It will be a website we feel assured in presenting to you and sharing with others. Blog-In the longer term we intend to begin adding our newsletter to the website in addition to mail or email to permit multiple ways to gain access to the information. Vault-Before the end of the year, we desire to have litigant login area on the website where you can access reports that we discuss inside our review conferences.

In addition, we will be able to post other items as necessary for those interested here. As you example, consider our current client review process. Right now, you are called by us to schedule a meeting. If there are items needed we ask for them of the meeting or during the meeting ahead. The plan is included in us during the meeting.

The client website allows us to create the plan for the review conference a day or two beforehand showing the up to date documents we are in need of. You could upload them into the vault so we can review it before the meeting to facilitate a more productive discussion during the meeting.

Social Media-We will be trying our hands at getting you information in more ways than mail, phone, meeting and email. If you use social media, be certain to find us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We invite you to like our web page and recommend it to friends. We will begin sharing sometime in the near future and we ask for patience even as we work to discover a good balance of information and frequency. We ask that you avoid posting specific private information about your position on the Facebook page. Information shared on Facebook is open public for all to see. Most of us have a LinkedIn page if you want to connect to us appropriately. You can follow Paragon Financial Advisors on Twitter @paragonadvisors.

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They experienced renamed themselves Astarra. Astarra renamed itself Trio later. Astarra’s website boasted of a billion dollars in funds under management. This is potentially very bad news. 20 billion in america. If my bad-case was true we’d a Madoff (at least proportionately) in the making. Now the funds have been used into administration the state figures are about 40 percent of the amounts boasted on the website. Anyway I had written a notice to the Australian Securities regulator (ASIC) laying out all my concerns and (implicitly) the method for screening my concerns were false. I sincerely hoped I had been wrong – and hoped the regulator would confirm me incorrect by identifying and valuing the assets.

I have noticed lots of criticism of the Australian Securities regulator. On this important matter their actions were exemplary However. They did the actual SEC cannot do and act on the “Markopolos letter” within weeks. They do what the SEC must have done when they looked into Madoff – and attemptedto confirm the lifetime and value of the assets.