A Letter To My 20 Year Old Self 10 Years Later 1

A Letter To My 20 Year Old Self 10 Years Later

Soon, I’ll be turning 30 in 2018. I’m growing older every day with this blog even though its still called SG Young Investment. This blog will usually stay young and continue steadily to inspire the next generation of young people even while I grow older. There are several decisions that i have manufactured in the past 10 years, some good while some not so good. That is a letter which I would write to my 20 plus yr old self which ultimately shows my life trip and also what I’ve learnt so far. Life is a roller coaster always. It is an unidentified what will happen 10 years later also.

But one thing for sure is the decisions we make in life will somehow determine our future. However, fate decides some key milestones in our life still. At age 20, you will proceed through a major milestone atlanta divorce attorneys Singaporean boy’s life, that is serving national service. The knowledge will show you that life can be pushed to the limits even when we think we can’t do it. If we on persevere, we shall see results.

The spirit of never quit is born in the army. It is also during this time when you will begin to get serious about your life. What shall I really do in my life is the question? There were actually few choices left as your polytechnic results were not that fantastic to find yourself in a university.

You also did not know what to essentially further your studies on. Your choice was designed to just work in the same field which you studied for your diploma. Money was the concentrate after you came out of army. per month since you were given birth to 1700 was the largest amount you have ever gained. Yes you had worked several in your free time jobs in the past but this was the first regular job.

Not knowing what to expect is always in your thoughts before the first day of work. Stepping in to the working world wasn’t a bad experience. The co-workers were nice, the manager was nice and the working too culture was good. You were the youngest in the company and people took care of you and often providing you advise of life. Some were about your father’s age group and listening to them gave you some perspective of life from differing people, their regrets and their achievements that they were pleased with. You listened attentively day in and out and got some really good lessons from some of these older and wiser people.

Many people regretted staying too long in the business and always suggested one to further your studies and progress in your career. After much concern and deliberation, you decided to take up a degree span of economics that was completely different from the executive which you researched before and what you will work as.

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It was a very tough choice in conjunction with having to balance both work and studies at the same time. The couple of years, no doubt were tough, but also the most fulfilling time of your life. As you studied in your free time and worked regular Even, this blog was born because you found the passion for financial stuff.

You met more like minded people, made new friends, did stuff that you thought you could do such as public speaking never, participating in conferences and events and speaking with successful people at the top. You graduated with the amount eventually and never regretted the decision you made. Even though you reminded yourself not to stay in the business for too much time, you did still. After graduation, you continued residing in the business for another 2 years. Was it an incorrect decision?

It is actually very hard to tell. Getting away from the company earlier will help you to advance your job faster nevertheless, you may not have met some people or have done some stuff if you had left earlier. But really who knows what could have happened if you’d made a different decision really. Still, staying in the same company after graduation appeared to allow you additional time to concentrate on life beyond work.