Association Between Selected Physical Fitness Parameters And Aest.. 1

Association Between Selected Physical Fitness Parameters And Aest..

The physical needs imposed on modern dancers by choreographers and performance schedules make their physical fitness just as important to them as skill development. Nevertheless, it remains to be confirmed that physical fitness components are associated with aesthetic competence. The aim of this research was to: 1. Replicate and test a book aesthetic competence tool for dependability, and 2. Investigate the association between selected physical fitness components and visual competence by using this new tool.

Seventeen volunteers underwent some physical fitness testing (body composition, versatility, muscular power, and endurance, and aerobic capacity) and visual competence assessments (seven individual criteria commonly used by decided on dance companies). 0.004). It is concluded that chest muscles muscular stamina and jump capability best predict visual competence of today’s sample of contemporary dancers. Further research is required to investigate the contribution of other the different parts of visual competence, including chest muscles strength, lower body muscular endurance, general coordination, and static and powerful balance. No Reference information available – sign in for access. No Citation information available – sign in for gain access to.

Even more important, the systems, enforcement and rule’s programs have changed. Today, devices monitor pressure and temperatures in wells 24/7. Blowout preventers, pipeline shutoff valves, and other devices on or beneath the flow are managed by the sea floor of oil and gas. Offshore operators conduct regular accident training and safety exercises.

The initiatives have paid off. In 2005, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita pounded the Gulf of Mexico 3, 000-drilling rigs and production systems. Over 200 were destroyed or damaged. But no oil or gas escaped virtually. By contrast, natural seeps like the ones off California leak 620,000 barrels of oil per year into US waters. America’s oil industry has a pollution record 164 times better than Mother Nature! And producing more US just offshore oil comes with an added bonus.

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It means there is less seepage, and thus less oil inside our oceans and on our beaches. Our energy procedures should recognize these known facts. Keeping our vast resources off limits won’t convince consumers to slash petroleum use. We will just import more and be more indebted to foreign forces ever. Oil prices are low at the moment, because world demand is down, because of the global recession.

We could well keep them down, by prolonging the tough economy – an unpalatable option. Or we can help keep prices at tolerable levels, by developing the domestic gas and essential oil that we have by the bucket load, but politicians, courts, and greens for too long have told us we can’t touch. We need the energy, jobs, and revenues that offshore (and onshore) oil and gas development can offer. That’s the type or kind of change we can believe in. The sort or kind America needs.