Real Estate Investment Trusts or just REITs are detailed companies that buy, rent out and manage properties. REITs lease out spaces and gather rentals from their tenants which is then pay out minimum 90% of taxable income as dividend to its shareholders, either quarterly or semi-annually. You could also see a complete lot of commercial building owned by Ascendas and Mapletree across Singapore, see whether do you recognize the following logo design.

Now you ought to have a clearer picture, REITs properties are are around us. Many REITs have oversea properties as well, which provide geographical diversification. However, this does mean that forex risk will there be, currency hedging could not provide safety for long-term down trend. You thought REIT is so near to you never? Own a few to many a small number of residence or commercial properties. Considering most purchases of physical properties are leveraged, which means monthly mortgage payments should be added into capital when determining rental yield.

Correct me if I am wrong, the local rental yield is maximum at beginning due to lessen minimum and capital upon fully paid up. Some would suggested to purchase Malaysia properties for capital and local rental gain. However, profit from property investment is not only buy price minus sell price. Not all of us are born with silver spoon, nor all of us having extra high monthly income.

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So it would be normal to consider few years to develop enough capital for preliminary payment of one property. With REITs, Maybe it’s done by me with bit. This link to the above low capital requirement actually. Due to restriction in capital, I could only own a few properties in my life time. Suppose I own 2 investment properties, 1 vacant means 50% occupancy and local rental income will drop to 50%. For REIT this might not happen as they own multiple properties and also have multiple tenants.

I am a sluggish person and I noticed lots of awful tales about bad tenants. So properties and tenants management by professional is another big plus to me. REITs dividend would directly bank into my account also, promptly. No burden on monthly mortgage payment, I possibly could make investments REITs as and when I love.

Without commitment, the versatility is had by us to quit job that we hate, right? Of course, this is provided we have enough crisis fund and dividend which could cover a few of our regular monthly expenditures. Given advantages above and the actual fact that I can’t really afford property investment, I’ll go for REITs. However, I might be missing out important points for property investment, I believe there are still many peoples who have earned a fortune from property investment. Just make sure you have done detail research and calculation before you dive into it.

Since the all the 3 accounts have common element of salary crediting and credit credit card spending in their bonus interest calculation, we shall take the minimum amount for interest calculation. every month 5 fall-below fee would be deducted. 3,000 every month in your account, you might give this accounts a miss.

I would say that the revamped DBS multiplier account launched would be a large blow to its competitors. 2,500 but also attracting young working adults that have been using OCBC or UOB accounts to consider a switch given the better interest reward. In terms of marketing their products, DBS have successfully introduce additional components such as investment, insurance and home loan in their reward interest computation. This would encourage consumers to take up these products with the lender to earn higher interest.

“Compared to the previous calendar year, there was a slight change in the ownership structure of banking institutions. For Adrian, where there are financial stability concerns, authorities are expected to use prudential tools such as higher capital in the bank operating system and more conventional underwriting standards to lessen financial stability dangers. He said: “We suggest countries that where those downside dangers are increasing to take more steps to ensure that vulnerabilities are not increasing too much. Addressing NPLs is a first order importance for financial stability. Many countries have tackled that by developing supplementary market for NPLs. Will recapitalisation make Nigerian banks rank among the top 500 in the world?

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