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After a one-year delay, my chat from the 2011 Ancestral Health Symposium is online with slides synched. The chat is titled “Obesity: Old Solutions for a New Problem”, and it’s really an overview of a few of the study linking food incentive to food intake and body fatness. Today The talk would be a little different if I were to give it, as my understanding of the topic has expanded, and my speaking skills have improved.

However, today as it was a year ago the central message remains as true. You’ll find the talk here. The slide synching was done by an extremely generous man named Ben Fury. As you can see in the video, he did an excellent job. Without Ben, this video would have permanently remained in internet limbo.

Below, I’ve released a message from Ben explaining the interesting work that he does. Please, contact him if you think it’s interesting. I used to be writing a written book on health, fitness, and diet in ’09 2009 when the house burned down in the Station Fire, along with 165,000 acres of my cherished Angeles National Forest. Seniors with chronic pain, falls, brittle bone fragments, and stiff-shrunken muscles.

Diabetics with out of control bloodstream sugars, going blind, and having limbs lopped off. Neurologically challenged people who have spastic limbs and foggy brains. Fat, listless, unhappy people who have no idea the way they got that way, seeing no chance from the darkness. Remove flour, sugar, beans, and heavily processed oils from our diet. Stop ceding health responsibility to outside forces, and take charge of our own wellness. Only use proof based medicine truly. Don’t just pop the latest pill or get the latest surgery all the other people are doing.

Be wary of the disease mongers in both the conventional and choice camps. Find our “happy thoughts.” Use the simple restoratives of rest, play, and reflection, to let go of pain, find inner peace, and let in pleasure and purposeful outer direction. The techniques to accomplish these goals are varied, and I have both non-profit and for-profit ventures to talk about them. Their websites are in development currently.

Maybe you want to see all of your food entries at a glance? Tap the menu icon in the very best left of your timeline and then choose Food. This can help you view all of your food entries at the same time. Any day you choose Touch any date to cluster all times for easy access to data for.

  • Battery life: 3 days
  • Private showers
  • Chicken or turkey without the skin
  • Record Weekly Meals & Activity
  • 2014-2015 Final Results: Stuttgart Commander’s Cup Scorecard

Food can also be grouped. Using the menu, you can select Friends for connecting Argus as well as your public Facebook profile also. With the addition of your Facebook friends, you will get out which of your friends already have Argus and then engage in social features such as Likes and Comments. Give your friends’ opinions and support in their own health efforts and if they’re friends they’ll do the same for you!

Your menu is utilized from the top remaining in your timeline and can uncover Trends, Goals, and Friends. Under Goals you’ll be able to set things such as how many hours of rest you need to get, how many cups of water per day you’d want to drink, each day and how many steps you’re looking to take. When you’re viewing your timeline, you can pull the screen downward to quickly reveal your progress for your day toward these goals.