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SAMMC Bariatric Clinic

By Michelle May, M.D. A lot of people know that physical activity is important yet many choose to lead inactive lives-and even more find it difficult to start or stick with a fitness program. Others use exercise simply for weight control and give up when they aren’t on an eating plan even though exercise has shown to help people feel better and live a longer, healthier life even if they don’t lose a pound.

Although exercise is one of the most effective tools available for improving health and handling weight, even the “E-word” can conjure up negative thoughts and feelings. If you aren’t very active, your self-talk gets in the right path perhaps. Isn’t it time to start thinking in better terms? Notice all the negative words like “should,” “hate”, and “make myself.” These feelings and thoughts may stem from past encounters like being chosen last for teams, boring exercise routines, and distress or pain from doing too way too fast. Some individuals think of exercise as punishment for overeating.

However, this time you will get pleasant activities that suit your personality and lifestyle. You can begin slowly and allow your body to modify gradually so it is not uncomfortable. You can choose to concentrate on all the fantastic things exercise does for you and how wonderful you feel instead of how much weight you should lose. Powerful Thought: I enjoy becoming more in physical form active every day. It takes merely 1/48th of your whole day to exercise for 30 minutes-and most people waste materials a lot more than that on less successful activities like viewing TV. Being physically active is more very important to your health and well-being than most other things you think must get done every day.

The key is providing it the priority it deserves. Powerful Thought: I make time for my health insurance and well-being. No matter how you at first feel, you might feel better within simply a few minutes of needs to move. These good feelings last long following the exercise is finished too usually. It also increases your strength and stamina and can help you sleep better so you’ll be more productive and feel good. When you feel tired Even, commit to exercising for at least 10 minutes.

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Promise yourself you can stop and try again another day if you’ll still aren’t feeling much better. A lot of the right time, you’ll feel so good that you will want to continue. Doing any extra physical exercise burns calorie consumption and develops your metabolism. In addition, it reduces yearnings and curbs your urge for food by increasing your endorphins (“feel good chemicals”) and serotonin levels (“calm chemicals”). Besides, unless you exercise as long as you’re losing weight, you may lose fat and muscle.

It’ll become gradually harder to lose weight-and even harder to keep it all off. Powerful Thought: I support my metabolism with regular physical exercise. Almost every other people are so centered on themselves Ironically, they don’t really notice you anyway. Those that do will likely admire you. Eventually you’ll feel less self-conscious however in the meantime, find activities and places that feel comfortable so you can focus on all the benefits.

Powerful Thought: I exercise for me. Physical activity does not have to be hard or hurt to be beneficial. In fact, it’s more important to find convenient, comfortable, and pleasant activities that you’ll stick with it. Finding somebody, trying new activities and new routes, satisfying yourself with a hot massage or bath, and placing small, possible goals are excellent ways to make exercise more pleasurable. Even though you have physical restrictions it is possible to find some way to increase your activity level. If you have been very inactive, start by increasing your “lifestyle” activity first then work toward a normal exercise routine.