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“After 3 years of work, the EU funded research program HELENA has exposed its preliminary results. It concludes that amongst European adolescents, around 27% of men and 20% of females are either overweight or obese. It also reveals for the very first time at European level, food intake, and physical exercise patterns for adolescents.

Look right down to the right, then to the left. While closing your eyes, touch the side of your arms while imagining skipping over a rope. Then, open your eyes, and move them up, then to the left and to the right two times. After touching the side of your arms again, the stress should be gone.

Day Three: Stop Mindless Eating – Folks who are overweight tend to think about food too fast and end up eating even when they aren’t hungry at all. While eating a few meals, try doing it blindfolded without any distractions from the TV or internet. Without those distractions, it’s easier for you to listen to the human brain telling you that you’re truly full. Otherwise, it’s much simpler to mindlessly eat because you have nothing at all better to do.

Eventually, you’ll start to eat more slowly and consume fewer calories. Day Four: Developing Instant Motivation – Many people link exercise with exhaustion or embarrassment. You can change how you web page link things in our brain like Pavlov’s dog. Try considering something you love to do, your preferred hobby. Now, squeeze your thumb and index finger as … Read more...

Symptoms, Management And Treatment

Some mornings we look into the mirror and they’re staring back again at us: dried out, irritated, bloodshot eyes. Hopefully, evening this is just the hallmark of a past due, but irritated and burning eyes could show a more serious problem persistently, like an optical eye disease or allergic reaction. Our first instinct is to use over-the-counter eye drops to help soothe our eyes and reduce the redness.

These might provide temporary relief, but they do little or nothing to treat the underlying causes of irritation. Actually, they can mask them dangerously, possibly worsening the problem later on. Fortunately, other over-the-counter remedies can treat many factors behind eye irritation. However when eye problems worsen or persist over time, it’s wise to really get your eyes analyzed to eliminate the likelihood of a far more serious condition.

  1. Easy to apply
  2. Muscle cramp A muscle cramp is an uncontrollable and unpleasant spasm of a muscle
  3. Bushier and thicker lashes
  4. “I never felt this way about anyone…”
  5. ½ tsp alum powder

Your ophthalmologist may suggest a prescription medication to help treat the problem. Your eye is sensitive and complicated organs. Keeping them healthy is important in making certain they will offer you good service during your life. The comfort of your eyes depends on several factors, including the proper production of tears, the correct function, and position of the eyelids, and the lack of infections and allergies.

All these factors must happen for the attention to be comfortably lubricated. Eye irritation often happens … Read more...

Three Ways To Resize/Scale Web Images In Responsive Design

Images can be challenging to cope with in a reactive environment; by nature these is a ‘static’ element with specific sizes, just how can we manipulate them into working with our lovely fluid/flexible web designs? Please, note, this informative article addresses visual resizing in a web browser mainly, and not any “true” reactive image techniques, i.e. providing different images to different display screen sizes.

These are a few ways to control one image – the same image provided using 3 different methods. 2 of the 3 techniques below can be adapted to serve big images to desktop and small images to mobile – I’ll cover that in a later post. Let’s go through the 1st image resizing technique – for this demonstration I’ll call it the Fixed Ratio Resize method. Resize your browser window and you’ll see that it’s a really simple way to shrink images, without any frills.

Browser support because of this is great and works all the way back again to IE7. One glaringly apparent fail in this technique is that horizontal images can resize to ugly proportions in relation to surrounding content. Just have a look at the test banner image and see how when the internet browser is taken in very small, the image basically disappears (Ow, feel my squinty eye-pain!).

Now envision this in use on a good phone – it is not doing a very good job of providing illustrative meaning to the content, is it? Worse still, see what goes on when … Read more...