Where SHOULD I Start?

I’ve been doing genealogy for many decades and before I started, my mother did genealogy and my grandmother do as well. I needed my mother’s research as a starting place but hers were all in writing, due to the majority being done in the 1970’s. I began by purchasing a grouped family tree machine on and used it for years.

A yr ago I purchased Ancestral Quest 15 and synced my old tree with the newer program. If you are getting married soon, you won’t have enough time to obtain a proper tree come up with. I’ve come across a lot of people online who’ve info uploaded which I don’t believe is appropriate.

When I’ve questioned them and asked where they got their info generally they state “from somebody else’s tree I noticed online”. I have worked well that way never. WHILE I started my tree, I was the first person I put down. I QUICKLY got a duplicate of my delivery certificate to have concrete proof of who my parents were so when I was created.

If you’re getting married soon, you probably won’t have time to be as comprehensive so it’s up to you how accurate you want to buy to be, as well as how much info it is wished by one contain. As as making a family group crest/coat of arms far, do you mean you want to generate one specifically for you as well as your husband? Or you want to display one that your family is associated with already? If it’s the second one, that may be tricky. Do you just use the last name you and your hubby will use? Though my maiden name is Sullivan Even, the majority of my ancestors came from Britain directly.

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My Ancestry DNA results show I have 65% Great Britain versus 15% Ireland/Scotland/Wales. Because of this I’ve never done much research into choosing a crest. It might be different if I resided in Ireland and my ancestry was always within the Sullivan clan because I quickly would clearly belong to that clan. As it stands, I’m just a mutt!

☺ EASILY were in your shoes and I planned on taking my husband’s last name I think I’d just use that family crest. One piece of advice I will offer as you start your journey is to stay focused! There are many times I’ve needed to force myself to jot down what I’m looking for, like “find so-and-so on the 1870 census” or “find a day for so-and-so’s marriage”. It’s so easy to get swept up in what you find online!