Ways To Use Pinterest For Market Research (2)

´╗┐Ways To Use Pinterest For Market Research

Make way as the new social media site is stepping up as one of the most promising and valuable marketing tool for almost all types of businesses. Interest is an online bulletin board that allows you to pin your favorite images. It’s launched way back in 2010 and had formerly moved its growth of having more than 7 million of unique visitors and members as of December 2012. Its uniqueness and relaxing approach to the user’s visualization is one of the good reasons to be used as a marketing tool for business research. It offers the pinning of your favorite images and had it shared in open social industry, this methodology allows the user to choose a variety of options on viewing interesting sites and products that they wanted. Survey says that interest had already surpassed the amount of traffic it gives to company blogs and websites than YouTube, the Google +, and the famous LinkedIn combined. This factual aspect shows that using the interest for market research is one way of gaining success.
Interest as a promotion tool. Pinning of images and have it sorted by boards would likely create a huge variety of options in searching for something to buy with. For example if you want to look for a new car that suits your tastes and fashion, you can actually browse for different boards with different prices and availability through interest. This feature allows you to have the best option on reviewing and making good decisions. You can also make use of interest on promoting something related from your business, like expanding your market by creating a direct link to your business site for online transactions. It’s like hitting two birds in one stone, you throw the first one for promotion in a form of eye catching images and secondly, building a contact position online for business transactions redirecting to your own website.
Events for promoting tourism. There are some cases that interest is being used for promotional aspects in tourism. Big corporations and organizations somehow create events like contests through interest, they manage these events simply by encouraging the contestants to pin interesting images that promote tourism from their place like pictures of amazing architectures and views to their own pin boards. This method will create a huge spread of popularity prior on attracting investors and visitors to visit and come to their places.
Posting auction sales and special events of businesses. Because of the vast and huge number of viewers and users that Pinterest have, some businesses use this social media sites on promoting special events of their both small and big-time business establishments. They tend to post their monthly sales on their products and or spreading discounts and offers for the customers like gift cards and coupons. This technique and strategy had been proven effective and profitable by both small and big-scaled establishments. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr commonly offers almost the same features and services, but unlike on Pinterest in which it classifies the business needs through interesting and eye-catching images which adds more significance and response to the virtual public.
However the above mentioned ways and strategies on finding and promoting business marketing research would only reach its effectiveness based on the type of managing system that will be used. The maintenance of the public figure on social media sites requires a deeper approach and sincerity towards promoting businesses. It could give you fame for a long period of time but could be wasted in such a single mistake. So keep your heads up and be confident to do the right things in the right time.