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The most reasonable way to enjoy your insatiable hunger for playing video games is to, well, play some video gaming. However, there are different ways to nourish your dependence on video games! One of the more enlightening ways to scrape the itch is viewing gaming documentaries. An excellent video game documentary not only provides you with a good hour or two of entertainment but also teaches you something you didn’t previously know. And there are lots of quality gaming documentaries out there, with the majority of them available to stream online or through a movie-local rental service. In this specific article, we’ve compiled a summary of the best gaming documentaries and where you can stream them!

King of Kong: A Fist Full of Quarters is just about the most famous video game documentary of them all. The film, which was directed by Seth Gordon, addresses the story of Steve Wiebe as he attempts to wrest the Donkey Kong high score from the previous record-holder Billy Mitchell. The story was extremely interesting when the film was made in 2007, but it’s even more enticing now with Billy Mitchell having most of his information stripped from him.

This is one of the most enthralling looks at what must be done to make gaming. The documentary came to be as part of Double Fine’s Kickstarter campaign for a new game. The game, which eventually became Broken Age, is a point-and-click adventure. And whether you prefer the genre or not this documentary is interesting!

Double Fine Adventure is split up into 20 episodes. You can jump in and out with no same level of a commitment, a movie typically requires. However, your overall time commitment is much longer heading to be much, because each episode is between 30 and 40 minutes long. So, kick back, relax, and prepare yourself to watch the struggle of taking gaming from idea to reality while a dedicated community grows increasingly more impatient.

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This is my favorite documentary listed here, but as a separate player of Dota 2 I might be considered a little biased. However, if you’re not just a Dota player even, this documentary is still an entertaining take a look at what players at the highest levels proceed through to get ready for the most lucrative tournament in video games. It’s one particular documentaries where the subject material isn’t that important-it’s a story about people. 1 million award pools (The international award pools have become substantially since then). If you’re wondering to see behind the moments of a significant event, this is certainly the documentary for you.

This movie provides us an incredible sneak peek into the world of independent game development. It follows the creation of Super Meat Boy, FEZ, and Braid, which continued to be incredibly successful titles. Obviously, that success didn’t come easily, and Indie Game: The Movie documents that struggle. Indie Game: The Movie has received its fair to talk about of awards and received praise from both gaming journalists and other programmers for the very real manner in which it shows the struggle of creating video games.