Partners Can’t Have Individual SEP Plans, Says IRS

The premier source in neuro-scientific Form 5500 planning 5500 Preparer’s Manual will help you handle the mandatory annual Form 5500 filings for both pension benefits and welfare benefit plans. Members or Partners of an LLC taxed as a collaboration is believed employees for pension plan purposes, and cannot have specific SEP programs thus, according to the IRS.

Only an employer can maintain and donate to a SEP plan for its employees. 550 of settlement in 2011 (at the mercy of annual cost-of-living adjustments). The program may use less strict involvement requirements to hide employees. Under the SEP plan, the partnership contributes to each eligible employee’s SEP-IRA, which each employee owns and controls. The relationship deducts plan efforts for employees other than the companions as a business expense on Line 18 of Form 1065, U.S.

I ruled out the delicious chocolate chip cake since it had passion fruits curd, which really is a flavor I am generally not just a fan of. Same with the strawberry lemon cake, because of the lemon cheesecake filling, though it had milk crumbs, a strawberry jam layer, and pickled strawberry frosting, which sounded very fascinating.

I eliminated the apple pie cake because I don’t generally like apple compote, though it was hard to look past the brown butter wedding cake (treated with apple cider soak), brownish butter cheesecake, pie dough frosting, and pie crumbs. Passion fruit, lemon, and apples, excluded. I had fashioned 5 options still. Narrowing in and choosing one from the final 3 options was hard. Yes, it is a birthday cake just, levels of rainbow wedding cake (treated with a vanilla dairy soak) with vanilla frosting and rainbow wedding cake crumbs, but I understand how good those rainbow cake crumbs are. Alas, the occasion wasn’t a birthday, so, I chose against it.

Finally, I eliminated the dulce de leche wedding cake, concerned that perhaps it would be too nice for my group, with sweetened milk, dulce de leche caramel, and dulce de leche frosting. Not everyone gets the sweet tooth I really do. So I proceeded to go with the final option, the German Chocolate Jumbo Cake. German Chocolate Jumbo Cake.

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The most impressive thing concerning this cake, besides it surviving the journey perfectly, was the layers. All Momofuku is known by me cakes feature layers, but, nothing ready me for what it actually was. So, 3 layers of chocolate cake, 3 layers of chocolate fudge frosting, 2 layers of crack-coconut filling, and one layer of crunchy pecan filling, plus the coconut crumbs at the top.

And don’t forget that the wedding cake is soaked with “chocolate malt cake soak”. It was a stunning wedding cake, in a non-traditional way. The lack of frosting within the edges gives you to see the levels (yay!) but it means that the imperfections are noticeable as well. It isn’t a “clean” look. You know what I mean.

Cutting the wedding cake was difficult. I understood the first slice would be hard, but I expected it to get easier from then on. It didn’t. Kudos to anyone who can serve this without mangling it. Not that anyone complained about being served a pile of cake-level rubble, but, it certainly wasn’t pretty. Honestly, it was a combined bag for me.