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Over the same period, the true variety of PR operatives experienced expanded 79 per cent. The Media, Entertainment, and Arts Alliance estimated that before 1. 5 years 1500 journalist jobs have been cut by major media outlets and over the past six years the number of newsroom staff had halved.

It estimated there were now less than 9000 working journalists in Australia. The union approximated, “More than” 500 jobs were cut at News Corp Australia in calendar 2012, although the business refused to comment on that figure, as well as about 400 at Fairfax Media and 100 at Ten Network.

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Like Watergate, it was a break-in. But this time, the burglary tools were email messages disguised to fool people into posting their passwords and in turn provide hackers unfettered access to their emails. The target was to gather as many damaging documents as you possibly can that might be released online and harm Clinton’s candidacy. In a few short weeks, the hackers acquired penetrated their targets and hit the motherlode: the private Gmail accounts of Clinton marketing campaign chairman John Podesta. While the Russians were hacking, a young Trump marketing campaign adviser called George Papadopoulos received some startling information in London. April 26 It was, 2016. Whilst traveling through Europe, he had linked with a Maltese academic.

The teacher, a middle-aged man with thinning grey hair named Joseph Mifsud, had taken an enthusiastic curiosity about Papadopoulos upon learning that he previously joined the Trump campaign as a international plan adviser. To dazzle his young friend, Mifsud boasted of his high-level Russian contacts and released him to a woman called Olga – a member of the family, he stated, of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Mifsud and Olga desired Papadopoulos to arrange a gathering between Trump aides and Russian officials. Eager to ingratiate himself with the campaign, Papadopoulos raised his newfound cable connections in a meeting with Trump and several high-ranking marketing campaign officials, stating he could broker a Trump-Putin summit. When he raised the basic idea, his lawyers later said, Trump nodded with approval and deferred to another aide in the available room, future Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who said the campaign should consider it.

Sessions would later say he kept in mind informing Papadopoulos that he wasn’t authorized to speak for the advertising campaign. When he walked into a London hotel for breakfast with Mifsud, Papadopoulos expected to discuss Russia’s “open invitation” to talk with Trump. However, the conversation quickly considered another subject. Mifsud confided in Papadopoulos that Russia had “dirt” on Clinton. What kind of dirt?