Like Kind Exchanges, Taxes And Real Estate

Many older taxpayers work to go wealth they’ve generated in their lifetimes from one generation to some other while minimizing taxes liability through property planning. Intergenerational exchanges of prosperity have a substantial effect on the economy and many believe that the estate taxes produce costs to taxpayers, the economy, and the surroundings that go beyond any potential benefits that it could probably produce considerably.

Still, the politics landscaping today appears to indicate estate taxes are here to stay. When dealing with estate planning, many older generation taxpayers deed property into a family partnership or LLC. Children receive an ownership percentage “gift” every year that transfers ownership as time passes. 1 million in lifetime gift taxes exemption).

If property is sold, the LLC can start using a 1031 exchange to market the investment property and allow the real estate portfolio to develop tax deferred. When the parents pass on, the children then come with ownership in the investment property outside the property. When there is not time to do this planning, the heirs are subject to an estate tax.

This tax have been getting less concerning for most taxpayers due to the Bush tax slashes in 2001 that increased the exemption amount and reduced the taxes rate. The tax was established to expire this year 2010. It was expected that Congress would re-visit the estate tax before the end of 2009 and put some structure set up.

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They did not. Due to the limited-time situation confusion reigns in today’s estate tax landscape. 1 million and the tax on the rest will be 55%. Most taxes writers do not want this to happen and talks on the property tax already are underway. Congress is talking about reinstating the estate taxes retroactively to January 1st, 2010, and reviving the “day of loss of life” value for inherited resources.

3.5 million exemption and a 45% rate on estates. 5.0 million exemption and a 35% top taxes rate. We’ll see, in the approaching weeks and weeks, how this plays away and we’ll certainly do our far better keep you publishing of any information. By conferring with your taxes professional, and utilizing the tools of property planning and 1031 exchanges together, one can minimize the effects of capital gains taxes on investment property.

If you have are considering selling your investment property and want to defer capital benefits tax using the various tools of the 1031 exchange, please contact the experts at 1031 Corporation. We have many years of experience and use accounting experts to structure an exchange to minimize the tax impact on your investment resources.

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