How To Prevent PBX Telephony Hacking (Toll Fraud)

Business phone system scams is increasing, learn how to prevent PBX telephony scams. The PBX or (Private Branch Exchange) manage your internal cell phones & extensions network, the PBX provides usage of the telephone service by dialing into the system from beyond the Private Branch Exchange network. PBX fraud can be described as, if another third party makes a long length of time toll phone calls at the cost of your business.

An alarming quantity of businesses have seen a rise in the number of PBX fraud/ hacking. This type of activity ‘s been around & growing for days gone by 15-25 years, however businesses who neglect to protect themselves from PBX hacking. Private Branch Exchange with the expense of the calls being billed to who owns the PBX & not the user/ hacker.

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Your business phone systems are critical. In the event that you internationally do not call, your comms service provider can place a restriction on the comparative series. Analyze your bills frequently & make sure your business can account for itemized calls. Crosscheck phone calls to international countries & ensure they are to countries you acknowledge. Look for calls that could be being made outside of normal business hours.

Use strong passwords for your voicemail systems change them regularly. Change all default passwords immediately. Review call and logging reporting. Consider suspect call traffic. Remember your phone systems are the life blood as it pertains to communication with your clients & leads. When Are You Most Vulnerable? Telephony scams/ toll scams is most likely to occur whenever your company is most vulnerable, for example it can happen during bank holidays, whenever your business is closed, on the weekend & early hours of the morning hours. During these times be sure that your business remains vigilant, to prevent any fraudulent activities arising. Telephone systems & telecoms business scams are on the rise, today make sure to protect your system.

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