The Dream Or The Scheme? 1

The Dream Or The Scheme?

Conversely, having a business can be good or bad also. 200 on functions, standing orders and other training and motivational materials, then you are losing profits. You would be better off working for free. That is still a better alternative than working in a business where you are losing money. I think most people agree that a platinum group typically has a 100 or even more IBOs.

Thus platinum is within the top one-half of 1% of all IBOs. I’ve heard that the platinum level is where you start to break even or make just a little revenue, depending on your degree of tool consumption. IBOs tend to lose money. Just how much is that well worth each hour?

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I think lines cleverly trick IBOs into thinking that a job is bad. Trading hours for dollars, after all, appears like some type of indentured servant of types. But in the end, what counts is your bottom line. If you are an IBO with little if any downtime, and/or very little in terms of sales to non IBOs/customers, every month if you are participating in functions and purchasing position purchases then you are losing profits each and.

Your 10-12 hours weekly of Amway work is charging you money! Weekly But if you may spend 10-12 hours, at minimum wage even, then you might be making about 300 to 350 a month gross income. After taxes, you make 250 to 300 about. At least trading hours for dollars gets you a guaranteed net gain at the end of the month. Uplines trick you into a “business mentality” where you believe working for a net loss is just a part of business.

IBOs should recognize that a business marketed as low risk no overhead should be one where you can profit immediately. Instead, IBos are taught to delay gratification, or to reinvest any profit into their business in the form of tools and functions back, which leads to a net reduction.

If that’s the case I would choose trading hours for dollars. Remember, trading hours for dollars is not just a bad deal if you are making enough dollars per hour. And the ones who make less even, are better off that those who “run a small business” but finish up with a net loss. It’s all comparative and hopefully, this message will help new or potential IBOs who are being enticed to join the Amway business opportunity. Good luck to those with jobs and the ones with businesses. You can be successful either way.

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