What Makeup & Beauty Means To Me 1

What Makeup & Beauty Means To Me

It was lovely to listen to your known reasons for why you prefer make-up and I believe mine is very similar. I love sitting at the beginning of a day and chilling with my very own thoughts whilst dabbing a beauty blender across my face and filling up my brows in. Many thanks for sharing.

Lovely post! I couldn’t acknowledge more, I do love watching fancy makeup lessons on YouTube but that’s not where my enthusiasm lies either. Just making the effort out for yourself in the morning just feels great! This is such a pleasant post, interesting to read about deeper meanings of beauty. I love making the effort to do my makeup, and the experience of buying makeup is something I’ll always enjoy. Makeup will make me feel a little more like me – once I’ve got my face on I; be all set!

I am happy I could’ve read this post, because the world should know that makeup is not only about looking better. I’ve been thinking about posting something similar too. Makeup and beauty products means to me a lot and it’s not merely because people look prettier after that. It helped me with my self-confidence and opened up the door to amazing people through the blogging.

You are correct about people making assumptions as soon as they discovered I am beauty obsessed. Mainly they think I’m spending money or high maintenance plus some even think I love showing off because I really like luxury makeup but for me, it’s an event as you said. And I also love collecting makeup.

  • Hairspray and toenail polish
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  • Encourage client to wear glasses and use walking helps when ambulating
  • Protect Skin From Winter
  • A smile is a curve that sets everything straight
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I love attempting the different formula, experimenting with a different look, and it’s my little me personally time. People always think I’m spending too much money on beauty products and makeup but it’s my enthusiasm and something I love to collect almost, such as, some people gather stamps and I like to have a lot of makeup haha! Great post. I love beauty products and hate the fact that people presume that because I like them I’m just being stupid.

Such a lovely post. Jasmine I treasured reading this and am actually smiling as I’m typing this out and sensed like I had a need to let you know that! I could so relate to everything you said. My makeup looks don’t really change either but yes I find it restorative too, it’s my space, my time, and what I call my Zen. I love varying shades of something too and I think those subtle variations matter. Such a lovely post! I relate to everything here!